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Arno Akkermans



Arno Akkermans is Professor of Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He teaches liability law and conflict resolution, and conducts research in the broad field of compensation for damage and the experiences and needs of citizens who have to resort to the legal system. His research focuses on the victims of traffic and industrial accidents, medical errors, disasters and crimes. He works mainly in interdisciplinary research teams with social scientists, psychologists and medics and is committed to improving the performance of the justice system in meeting the real needs of citizens. 

Emission Claim Foundation

Emission Claim is a not-for-profit foundation that helps victims of the fraudulent use of diesel vehicles' tampering software get compensation. The foundation wants to hold accountable the car manufacturers who misled their customers and flouted the environment

Who are our lawyers?

Emission Claim Foundation has appointed the Amsterdam-based law firm Kennedy van der Laan to represent them in the Diesel Emission Cases.

Since 1992, this renowned Dutch law firm has been collaborating with market leaders to provide pragmatic solutions for their clients' legal issues.

For more information www.kvdl.com

Together we are strong

At Emission Claim Foundation, we believe that we are stronger together in the fight against negligent and powerful companies. Our goal is to advocate for the rights of individuals who may not have the means to resist on their own. By taking collective action, we combine our efforts to address misconduct. Join us and contribute to a better future for all of us.

Claim code compliance

The Emission Claim Foundation complies with the legal requirements of Article 3:305a of the Dutch Civil Code and the requirements of the Claim Code 2019. The Claim Code is a code for foundations and associations that are engaged in representing collective interests. The purpose of the code is to promote that the representative always prioritizes the interests of the affected parties.

Contact us

General enquiries can be sent to Info@emissionclaim.nl 
Questions surrounding participation in the diesel emissions case can be sent to deelname@emissionclaim.nl
Barbara Strozzilaan 101 
1083 HN Amsterdam 

Compensation for diesel drivers

You could potentially receive up to €10,000 compensation (20% of the purchase value). Check your license plate to find out if you qualify.
Check your license plate
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