Positive interim court ruling for action against Renault in emissions claim case

The court in Amsterdam has given the green light to the action against Renault in the Emission Claim case, establishing the court's jurisdiction and recognising Emission Claim Foundation as a collective advocate. Under the old action law, Emission Claim Foundation will seek a collective statement of rights and a possible settlement with Renault for compensation of alleged damages.
February 7, 2023

Green light from the court:

We are pleased to inform you that last week the court in Amsterdam gave the green light to our action against Renault. The interim judgment recently published is positive for our case and an important step forward in our proceedings.

Jurisdiction of the court

Given that Renault has its headquarters in France, the court had to determine whether a Dutch court has jurisdiction to hear the claims against a foreign party. Fortunately, this is the case, and that is of great importance, as the court cannot make decisions without jurisdiction.

Supporters of Emission Claim Foundation

Nearly 8,000 aggrieved people have now registered with Emission Claim Foundation. The court considers this large number sufficient to recognise the foundation as a collective advocate. Currently, we seem to have the largest constituency of all the foundations involved in this case. Following last week's verdict, the number of victims represented by our foundation is expected to increase further, as the opportunity for collective compensation approaches.

Old or new right of action

The case can be brought in two ways: under the old collective action law or the new action law. The court determined which law applied to the case. Since the claims relate to sham software developed before 15 November 2016, the court opted for the old right of action. For you as an aggrieved person, this makes no difference, but it does make the work of our lawyers a little more complex.

Further steps

Even under the old action law, it is possible to obtain a class action declaration establishing Renault's wrongful conduct. Using this declaration, we can reach a settlement with Renault to compensate you for the alleged damages resulting from the alleged software fraud. The court has now given Renault the opportunity to respond to the recently published judgment. The deadline for Renault's response has been set for 26 April 2023. Once we have received and studied Renault's response, we will of course inform you further.

If you have any questions about the information provided, please contact us at the e-mail address info@emissionclaim.nl.

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